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Import from China

Since the 1990s China has become the factory of the world. Today it is rather easy to source and import from China. But small importers always find it difficult to find the right suppliers with good price & quality, especially when they buy small quantity with wide range varietie. Most of the sellers on B2B platforms are local trading companies and agents and it is hard to get close to and source from the actual manufacturers. The reason for this is mainly:

  • Language barrier. Since most small factories available to source do not have any english speaking employees they have to rely on local trading companies as their selling channel.
  • Lack of knowledge of on-line marketing. Most Chinese small scale factories don’t know how to make them rank favourable on the B2B platforms especially since there are a lot of similar producers.
  • Factories are not willing to unveil themselves when products have IPR (patent or copy right) issues even if it is widely acknowledged that China is producing all kinds copycat products and exporting them to every corner of the world.

    We try to be your best sourcing partner in China and follow you through the whole process, source and import from china, all the way to the delivery of your goods.

  • Help you find producers and compare them for the best price
  • Help you negotiate with the suppliers on your behalf
  • Sampling handling and order placing
  • Quality inspection and shipment
Lynn&Co™ Helps you with Import from China
Lynn&Co™ Helps you with Import from China

Your best sourcing partner in China.

Imports, manufacturing and production

  • Find and compare producers
  • Negotiate with the suppliers
  • Handlre sampling and orders
  • Quality inspection
  • Shipment