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Establish in China

To get close to your clients you have to establish on the local market. For booming businesses such like health care, private education, elderly care, cleanTech and food and beverages etc. you would benefit substantially if you have local establishment. China is the world’s fastest growing market and Sweden’s most important trade partner in Asia. Despite the enormous market size China is characterized by a certain amount of complexity. To be able to fully take advantage of what China has to offer, it is essential to be well prepared before entering the Chinese market and have established what kind of local presence it would be. According to Chinese law on foreign investment, there are four main ways of establishment:

  • Representative office (RO), only marketing and promotion
  • Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise (FICE), no production
  • Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE), all business activity
  • Joint Venture(JV), Higher risk and less control for western companies

We can help you to evaluate and choose the right establishment.

  • Prepare all documents for incorporation and handle all legal processes
  • Find the optimal location for office or factory
  • Fix the leasing contract
  • Recruit the local employees

Common Entry Barriers

  • Tough local competition
  • Policies and regulations (Establishment and financial regulations)
  • Sales channels
  • Qualified employees
  • IPR issues

We help you with Chinese Business Culture

In China personal relations, so called ”Guan xi”, are an essential part of doing business in China. The process of establish personal relationship is a process to build up trust. Informality is also an important part of Chinese business culture, e.g. business is sometimes done over dinner.