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China Export

China export was in 2015 SEK 45,2 billion and import reached SEK 59 billion, thus making China Sweden’s largest trading partner in Asia. There are aproximatly 600 Swedish companies established in China. Most of them, with high quality of swedish products, advanced design and Nordic life style, see the Chinese market as favourable and profitable. The clientbase is primarily based in big cities such like Shanghai, Beijing and rich provinces such as Guangdong and Jiangsu located along the east coast line.

We help Swedish clients to overcome the language barrier and culture differences in china export.

We offer our expertice in:

  • Identifying the most potential consumer group
  • Finding the right distribution channel
  • Getting in touch with the potential local partners
  • Supporting the negotiation with local partners
  • Recruiting key personnel in China
  • Establishing in China
Lynn&Co™ experts in China Export
Lynn&Co™ experts in China Export