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MEAB wins multi million dollar orders from China!

With support from Lynn&Co MEAB Has Won Million-Dollars Orders from China

Thanks to the fast growing economy in China, we have helped the Swedish company MEAB reach record high turnover by selling its advanced instrument to the scientific research field .

MEAB Metallextraktion AB is a well-known company in hydro-metallurgical field. They support interested customers with chemical and technical information and, on request, provide the necessary process engineering and complete equipment package, including start-up services, as well as R&D resources in solvent extraction area. They are also one of the founder members of International Solvent Extraction Conference.

Lynn&Co has supported MEAB with:

  1. First step: Potential client screening and document translation to Chinese
  2. Second step: Potential client visits (many times) and pegging the important ones
  3. Third step: Handling the inquiries and negotiation in a “Chinese Way “
  4. Forth step: Being a communication bridge in between of the client and MEAB for smooth delivery, installation and commissioning of the instrument as well as after-sale service
  5. Fifth step: More business…

Client Reference

In the past ten years we have had the advantage to work with Lynn and our cooperation is very successful. We appreciate her efforts and hope we will have the pleasure to continue our cooperation with her.

A Very Satisfied Business Partner

Niclas Reinhardt, CEO

MEAB Metallextraktion AB


This advanced instrument is a worldwide-recognized system for rapid and accurate measurement of partition factors in solvent extraction. The instrument is characterized as an idealized, one-stage­ mixer-(centrifugal) settler unit. It was developed more than 40 ­years ago (some hundred units are in the top scientific research laboratories over the world) to improve accuracy ­and rapidity in the measuring technique of solvent extraction distribution data.