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We Are Your ​Trustworthy And Experienced Partner in China

Pleae find a track record of our services in areas below.

Selling to China

We have supported our Swedish clients in different industries selling their products to China. Products such as special steel, tools, machinery components, scientific instrument, food and beverage, nutrition products, IT system, Audio products and even companies.

Sourcing from China

Sourcing from China is another important part of our job. We have supported our Swedish client purchasing items from China such as toys, machinery components, promotional gifts, household and gardening products, construction materials, handcrafts, electronic products, LED and lightning products, stationary and seasoning ingredients.

Establish in China

We help our clients establishing representative offices, Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises (WOFE) and even Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise(FICE) in the most optimal locatio. We even help with recruitment of key members of the starting team. We have at our disposal very professional local partners to be able to build factories and offices all in accordence with local legislation. In short, we make your localization as smooth as possible.

Problems while sourcing from China are:

1. Hard to locate and make contact to manufacturers directly.

2. Har to meet manufacturers minimum order quantities.

3. Manufacturer might not be able to meet your requirements regarding variety.

4. Language difficulties.

​Solutions we provide our clients with:

1. We have local professional team to help you find the manufacturer.

2. Our local sourcing team is negotiating on your behalf.

3. We take care of quality inspection and shipping issues for you as well.

4. As local Chinese, we know better the language and culture differences.